Workplace Safety

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This course is design to give delegates the competency needed to work safely in an hazardous environment. Upon successful completion of this course, each delegate should be able to 

    1.      Be able to Identify workplace hazards
2.      Be able to list the element of the fire triangle
3.      Understand basic fire fighting procedures
4.      Understand the classes of fire and their extinguishing method
5.      Understand the dangers of chemical handling and the control method in place
6.      Be able to explain the acronym SHOC and its content
7.      Understand the effect of manual handling
8.      Be able to carry out risk assessment
9.      Understand the causses of accidents and follow steps to prevent accident in the work place 10.    Know  hazadous Area Classification


                                                                  Table of Content

    1.     Work place Hazards
2.      Fire hazards, Firefighting and Classification of fire
3.      Chemical hazards and Prevention technique
4.      SHOC Card
5.      Manual Handling Hazards and prevention
6.      Risk and Risk Assessment
7.      Causes of Accident and Accident Prevention
8.      Hazardous Area Classification