Gas processing training part two

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This course is design to give delegates the foundational knowledge  needed to work safely in a Gas Processing Plant. Upon successful completion of this course, each delegate should be able to 


  1.        Understand the roles of gas Plant
  2.        Explain dehydration process
  3.         Explain phase separation, 3phase separators, Cyclone Separators, Sludge catcher etc.
  4.         Explain the process of hydrogen sulphide removal (gas sweetening)
  5.     understand the challenges in gas transportaion
  6.         Be able to describe the various types of compressors available in gas processing and their functions
  7.         Explain some basic terminologies in gas transportation e.g LNG, CNG,GTL, GTS etc.
  8.         understand Safeguarding systems and general instrumentation in the gas plant
  9.         Understand gas due point and sales specification

     Table of Content     

    1.      Well Completion.
2.      The Wellhead and Christmas tree components
3.      Production Vessels/Separators, types and configurations
4.      Gas Dehydration Process
5.      Dew point Control and sales Specification
6.      Gas Compressors
7.      Gas Transportation
8.      Gas Plant Safeguarding System