Controller tuning

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This course is design to give delegates the competency needed to tune a controller for optimum use, at the end of this course,each delegate should be able to:

    1.      Identify the need for controller tuning
2.      Highlight the benefit of controller tuning
3.      Understand a self-regulating and an integrating process
4.      Explain the effect of P, I and D in a control loop
5.      Differentiate between the Proportional band and the Gain of a controller
6.      Understand when a controller is using an Integral Gain and Integral Time
7.      Explain direct acting and reverse acting controllers

                                                        Table of Content

   1.      Introduction to Controller Tuning
2.      Purpose of controller tuning
3.      Type of Processes (Self Regulating or Integrating)
4.      Controller tuning Parameters
5.      The purpose and effect of Proportional action in a control loop
6.      The purpose and effect of the Integral or Reset action in a control loop
7.      The Purpose and effect of Derivative action in a control loop.
8.      Practical illustrations with simulation software
9.      The Concept of Direct acting and indirect acting Controllers