Pressure measurement principle

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This course is design to give delegates the competency needed to select, install and work on Pressure measurement Instruments, at the end of this course,each delegate should be able to:

    1.      Explain the benefit of pressure measurement in the industry
2.      Highlight the functions of various Pressure measurement instrument
3.      Understand the difference between Dynamic and Static Pressure
4.      Differentiate between Absolute Pressure, gauge pressure and differential pressure
5.      Convert between the different units of pressure
6.      Understand the principle behind some mechanical Pressure transducers and elements

     Table of Content

1.      Pressure Definition and units
2.      Introduction to pressure measurement
3.      The benefits of pressure measurement
4.      Types of Pressure measured
5.      Functions of the various pressure measuring device
6.      The principle behind some measurement devices
7.      Videos for more illustration