Flow measurement principle

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This course is design to give delegates the competency needed to select, install and work on Flow measurement Instruments, at the end of this course,each delegate should be able to:

   1.      Understand the need for flow measurement
2.      State the various unit of flow measurement
3.      Explain the concept of mass and volumetric flowrate
4.      Explain the various factors affecting fluid measurement
5.      Explain Laminar and Turbulent flow pattern and Reynolds
6.      Select the right flow measurement instrument based on the fluid type
7.      Explain the working principle of various flow measurement sensors

                                                                           Table of Content

   1.      Flow measurement Objective
2.      Flow measurement Units
3.      The concept of flow measurement
4.      Factors that can affect flowrate
5.      Types of Flow and Reynold number
6.      Types of Fluid to be measured
7.      Flow measurement Devices and their working principle