Gas processing training part one

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This course is design to give delegates the foundational knowledge  needed to work safely in a Gas Processing Plant. Upon successful completion of this course, each delegate should be able to 

  1.        Understand the dangers involved in working in a gas plant and follow work procedures
  2.        Understand the composition, formation and types of natural gas.
  3.         Be able to state gas measurement units and know the various units in gas measurement
  4.         Distinguish between gas pressures and gas volume
  5.         Identify various prsessure measurement units and converts between units
  6.         Identify basic well head components and their functions
  7.         Know when a well is dual or single completed
  8.         Be able to state the use of natural gas
  9.         Understand the reasons behind the choice of gas plants

      Table of Content

     1.      Work Place Safety
2.      Natural Gas
3.      Gas measurement and unit
4.      Wellhead components
5.      Gas Production Plants