Crude Oil Production Part One

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This course is design to give delegates the competency needed to carry out basic field operations in Crude Oil Production. Upon successful completion of this course, each delegate should be able to 

    1.     Understand hydrocarbon Formation Process and Reservoir Strata
2.      Understand Reservoir Fluid
3.      Explain drilling process and well Completion
4.      Understand the components of the Christmas Tree and their function
5.      Understand Manifold Operation and be able to switch wells in the manifold
6.      Explain the Purpose of a Flow station or Crude oil production Platform
7.      List and explain the functions of various equipment found in a typical flow station
8.      Understand the need for chemical injection and the different type of chemicals in use
9.      Understand the various type of separators in use and their internal Configuration.

                                                                   Table of Content   

1.     Hydrocarbon formation process
2.      Reservoir fluid
3.      Drilling and Drilling method
4.      Well Completion
5.      The Wellhead and Christmas tree components
6.      Inlet Manifold
7.      Purpose of the Flow station or Crude oil Platform
8.      Flow station Equipment
9.      Production Vessels/Separators, types and configurations
10.    Chemical Injection units