standard and calibration

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This course is designed to give delegates the competency needed to carry out basic calibration of field instruments. Upon successful completion of this course, each delegate should be able to 


    1.     Explain and differentiate between standards and codes 
2.      Appreciate the importance of standards
3.      Highlights the roles of some major organizations in maintaining standards
4.      Be able to carry out a simple calibration process
5.      Understand why calibration are carried out and as well list its benefits
6.      Be able to list factors that may affect calibration intervals
7.      Explain the hierarchy in the calibration reference standard and the concept of traceability

 Table of Content:

   1.Introduction to Standards and code 2. Difference between Standards and code  3. Benefits of Standards  4. List of major standard organizations and their role  5. Calibration  6. Reasons for calibration  7. Benefits of calibration 8. Calibration uncertainty  9. Calibration intervals  10. Calibration traceability  11. Calibration Standards