Control Systems and Strategies

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This course is designed to give delegates the competency needed to carry out basic design of control systems. Upon successful completion of this course, each delegate should be able to 

1.     Explain the importance of control system

2.  Explain closed loop and open loop systems

3.      Be able to state the components or elements of closed loop systems

4.      Understand the concept of feedforward systems and why they are used

5.      Understand on/off control and its challenges

6.       Understand variable or proportional control

7.      Understand the concept of ratio control, split range control, cascade control and their applications.


     1.    Introduction to control system
2.      Types of control loops (open loop & close loop)
3.      Components of a closed loop control system
4.      Comparison between closed loop and open loop
5.      Feedforward control
6.      On/Off and variable control
7.      Split range control and its application
8.      Ratio control and its application
9.      Cascade control and its application