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                Facilitators REGISTRATION PORTAL

Basic Facilitators Competencies

1. All instructors are expected to be familiar with the various online platform available for online learning, and as such should be able to navigate seemlessly through these platforms while teaching.  ZOOM, TEAM, SKYPE etc.

2. All instructors must be computer literate, this means they should have the basic knowledge of the various settings of a computer, e.g making sound adjustment, Image size and quality , basic zooming of object, save, close, copy, paste and rename files. etc,

3. All facilitators must be able to send and recieve emails with attachments.

4. Ability to use a web browser to view and search the Internet.

5. All instructors must Keep up with latest learning technology trends to enhance the learning process for students.

Basic Facilitators Qualification

1. All facililators must have as a minimum a Higher Diploma certificate or an Advance Diploma certificate from any recocgnised Institution.

. All facililators must have as a minimum a Higher Diploma certificate or an Advance Diploma certificate from any recocgnised Institution.

2. Must be working for NOT less than five years in the Subject area he or she wants to teach.

3. Must be able to communicate fluently in English

4. Must be certified by an accredited body in that field if he or she is to take a certificate class

  Job Description

Upon your confirmation as our Facilitator, you will be saddled with the following responsibilities
1. Develop and produce a tailored course pack in the respective field. This course pack must contain:
 a) Training slides in powerpoint format
b) video clips to further butress learning
c) Simulation Software if any.
d) Produce objective Questtions not less than 50 numbers.
2. Produce  training period in terms of days /hrs duration for each submited  course pack.
3, Submit a powerpoint verison of course material

4. Carry out periodic review of course materials and make changes as required.


The facilitator is entitle to 50% share of the total registration fee paid for any course for which he or she facilitated. The said amount is payable after the facilitation of the course. 

Mode of payment: Every facilitator must upon confirmation submit a verified bank account detail to enable PBPLUS make payment for the his/her services. Payment will only be made through bank transfers. The Nigerian currency shall be used in all our transactions except where explicitly stated and agreed upon by both parties.

                                                                 Operational Guidline 

1. Facilitators are to display a high level of proffessional conduct while discharging their duties, the use of foul or derogatory languages MUST be avoided
2.  The platform or lecture rooms should not be used to canvass for vote or show support for any particular candidate or political party.
3.  Issues bothering on Religious, ethnic or gender descrimination will be treated as a very serious offence.
4.  Facilitators must be logged into the lecture room 20mins ahead of lecture time. 'Noshow' to scheduled class will result in an issue of 'non-compliance letter'. Any facilitator with more than 2 non-compliance letter will be disengaged. 
5. Facilitators are to ensure every information dished out to delegates during classes are correct, the learning materials are original works and not totally copy and paste, Plaigiasm is an offence and PBPLUS will frown at such facilitators if discovered.
6. No facilitator is allowed to have direct cash transaction with delegates, every financial transaction should be directed to PBPLUS and only account numbers designated by PBPLUS MUST be used for financial transactions.
7. PBPLUS has the authority to  review, edit and distribute Learning materials submitted by facilitators to its delegates who have registered for the said course. Where the learning Material has been edited, credited will be given to facilitators that contributed to the work.
8. PBPLUS has the authority  to assign  facilitators for any course at any point in time. No Facilitator has a monopoly to facilitate any course.
9. Now that you are ready to come on-board, develop your course slides and submit within 2weeks of receipt of your contract letter, so we can schedule your first course on our platform.