Crude Oil Production Part two

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This course is design to give delegates the competency needed to carry out advanced field operations in Crude Oil Production. Upon successful completion of this course, each delegate should be able to 

    1.      Understand Flow station Start up procedure
2.      Understand 2ph & 3h Crude oil Separation System
3.      Explain the stages involved in crude oil separation
4.      Be able to monitor parameters for Separation
5.      Understand the need for Well testing
6.      Be able to prepare a vessel for well testing
7.      Be able to flawlessly carry out the operation the senior Daniel Orifice fitting
8.      Understand surge vessel controls
9.      Explain the various levels of shutdown

                                                                   Table of Content   

1.      Flowstation startup procedure
2.      Two and three phase separation
3.      stages of separation
4.      Parameter control for separation processes
5.      Well testing procedures
6.      Operation of the Senior daniel Orifice fitting
7.      Surge vessel Control
8.      Shutdown Systems