By Patrick Dele Cole

PRESIDENT Clinton was partly saved by the admitted and open anger of Hillary Clinton. But she forgave him.

Are there two concepts of wrongdoing? In President Clinton’s case, the whole sordid details of his sexual peccadillos are fully reported seriatim in the Special Investigator Robert Stark’s report. For people who want that kind of sexual titillation for powerful men and manipulative women, they should see the Stark report for literal scintillating pornography at that high level in Government.

Former Democratic US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks to supporters at the New Yorker after her defeat last night to Donald Trump on November 9, 2016 in New York. / AFP PHOTO

But President Clinton was exposed, he apologised, was impeached but he was freed. Today, you are guilty before you are proved innocent. A lady in England complained that a minister put his hand on her knee for seconds at a lunch 30 years ago. The Minister lost his job.

Another minister, the deputy PM, was accused of a similar indiscretion which he denies, but pornography was found on his laptop – he should now also leave office. Amazon women are complaining. In the US – Judge Moore has over nine women accusers, all of which he denied, despite undisguised clear evidence produced by the women. His wife says it does not matter; he should stand the election for the Senate!

All this is an age where homosexuality is legal and two men or two lesbian women can marry legally and even adopt children.

In Nigeria, women are as aggressive as their European counterpart but so far they have not started naming names. But when a woman wants something from you – a job, an  account, an introduction, etc. you should hear what they promise – they are ready for anything. In most cases, nothing really happens. But some sick women both here and Europe would make up stories of their sexual advances sometimes for sadistic reasons, sometimes for the sake of it, most times for the publicity. As President Clinton said of Monica Wilensky – “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

The place where sexual exploitation in Nigeria seem rife are in businesses, banks, financial services, universities, etc. A young woman is desperate for admission to the university and that desperation is exploited with callous zeal by those who control the admission process.

On getting into the University her travails assume a bigger course: her lecturer wants either money or sexual favours. She cannot report them because she would lose her position even where she has proof of recordings or videos of the lecturer’s philandering. At the end of her course, she now needs to pass out of the university, they tell her that there are subjects she had not sat for or her papers are missing. This time it is the Academic Registrar and the  staff who want money or sex.

She gets to NYSC and has to be posted somewhere, the posting officers of the military are at it asking for the same things. She finishes the Youth Service and then she finds out that all what she had suffered was child’s play.

She gets a job in a bank, insurance or any company – usually in marketing where her employers set impossibly high standards for her to meet. A  bank says to its staff that by next week they must get N7 billion in deposits. She rallies herself up again and starts making the rounds, hopeless she is willing to play ball. In the process, she becomes the mistress of some married man, or HR boss or Accounts Director of a business or members of the National Assembly or Governors.

But this is only half her story. Her parents are on her to help them and their other siblings and the only way to get the money is to sleep around or tell her rich boyfriend some stories. She would be unable to get her job except she has a flat and a car. To keep up appearances she tells men so many lies and assumes so many personalities that Nollywood actresses are no match for her. She tells the man that her mother has died or is sick with some horrible disease – diabetes, tuberculosis, heart failure, etc. if she is able to wean some money  from some people, she tells them six or seven months later that her mother has died. “But last year you told me your mother died”. She replies “Yes, that was so but the person who died last year was my father’s first wife whom we all called mama; but the person now in the mortuary is her birth mother”.

If you know her for a further 3-6 months more calamities fall on her, food, car repairs etc. then she tells you that her other mother just died, killed by one of the father’s brothers, the police are asking for this and that. Of course, stories of continuous calamities and obligations follow, she has typhoid and malaria, her younger sister or brother has no school fees and so on.

Finally, let me tell you what happened at a University. The story is told of a young woman at the university who had a sex crazy teacher who would not allow the girls rest. This young lady had to do half of a module which was compulsory for her degree. In year one he started pestering her and she refused. He would not release her result or even failed her, although she passed the higher levels of this module in year 2, 3, 4. But she could not pass half of a year one module.  The lady reported to the father who went to the University.

Although he knew the vice chancellor and the Head of Department, he did not go to them because he wanted to know the basis of his daughter’s problem. As he got to the department, the lecturer had heard the news that he was around.

The lecturer escaped by jumping through the window of the office. There is no need to recount how this matter was settled through the intervention of the Head of Department and the Vice Chancellor. But why should their intervention wait for nearly four years?

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Source: Vanguard News

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