In one of the courses i attended, a professor brought out cans of Eva water and gave everyone in the class a bottle, he then instructed everyone to pour out the content of the can into a bucket untill the last drop of water exit’s the can.

He turned to the class and ask ‘what is in your can?’ So many stood up and said ‘my can is empty’.

The professor frowned with dissatisfaction and threthened to suspend the class till he gets the correct answer. At that point, I stood up, looked at the professor in the eyes and told him ‘my can is filled with air’.

The Professor walked down to my seat, gave me a pat on the back and said “George, thanks for that answer! you see, most times we don’t take note of several other opportunities that comes our way because we are so carried away by our losses.
There is no such thing as an empty can!
The air in this can is as useful as the water, how come, we don’t notice the air?

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Do you know companies are paid billions of Naira in the Oil and gas industry to evacuate air in process lines? It is called ‘purging’. So, if you don’t know air occupies your can, how then can you think of a substance that can evacuate air.

Some of us have talents untapped, but feel empty because we don’t noticed what we have, just the way we didn’t notice our can has been filled up with air . Some are so soaked with self pity, because they think daily on their losses.
Having eyes without vision is decoration, eyes are functional only with vision. Your can is filled, the content maybe different but believe me, it is filled. #inspirational
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#Originals                      George Basara

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What is in your Can?
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