*The Big Picture*

“You need the Anchor in the ship if you have not decided to berth, if you want to keep sailing the anchor must stay right in the ship”.

You can throw every other load in your life away, but the anchor must stay in the boat if you are still willing to sail. As I sojourn the corners of the world seeking knowledge in the journey of life, somethings are becoming crystal clear and naturally, they are losing their complexity. 
Let me share a story with you!

Stern a sailor, and his son jim lived in a very small Island, Jim is 7yrs old, he has passion for beautiful houses, driven by his passion, Jim has designed a special building with origami paper folding project. The origami was rated the best work of art in a local exhibition, and that fetched jim a gold medal. Stern was so pleased with his son and decided to build him a house that matches his origami project in an expensive island.
Now, it was time for Jim and Stern to move into the new house, Jim excitement of moving into his fantasy house knew no bounds, it was only a dream on paper, though he had wished to live in such a beautiful house, he never knew success will come this quick.
They gathered all their belongings into the ship to make a 3days sail to the other side of the island where the paradise house is. In the midst of the sail came a terrible wind that threatened their safety. it became so terrible, maneuvering the ship with the load in it became so difficult, so Stern decided to throw out most of their belongings into the sea to free up the ship and keep them safe from wrecking.
Jim could not bear the pain of seeing his collection of origami works sink into the bottom of the sea, it was such a hard decision for his father as he you could feel the heap of sorrow on Jims face.
Then, Jim walked up to his father and said
”Dad, you’ve thrown away all our belongings, even my box of origami, but look at the heavy metal (pointing at the anchor) in here, why didn’t you throw that away?”
The father took a deep breath and said “Son, the usefulness of the anchor is in the weight, If we must sail to the new house, then it has to be in here, If you throw the anchor, it means, we have decided not to sail anymore. Son, I know your Paper work is gone, and you are sad about it, but look at the big picture, you’ve got your dream house!
So many of us today are faced with the problems of making ‘choice’ we don’t know what to throw away to get to our destination, we carry unnecessary load all the way, our sail becomes slow and difficult to navigate, very often we lose focus of the big picture, sometimes people see their children and wife as the heavy load and you hear them make comments like ‘if it wasn’t my wife and kids, I would have made it far’, oh yea! That’s is a misplacement of priority’. You need family to get to your dream. Like the anchor, you stop sailing the moment you throw the anchor!
See you in your dream destination! Pb Plus OilLngas Learning-hub

#Originals               George Basara

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The Big Picture
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