Have you trekked a long distance to a relative’s home just to have a meal? Well, I won’t be surprised if your answer is a ‘NO’. Some of us were born without a spoon in the mouth, a few others were born with ‘golden spoon’. You may not need such trekking If you are amongst the few born with golden spoon, or probably, you fell into the category of those who never had relatives that can give them food when they visit, (laughing) then your case was worse than mine! That was on a lighter note!
I remember vividly the ‘long suffering’ treks for a plate of meal to Bro Tokunbo’s house,trekking a mile to my senior cousins house just to have a good meal then wasn’t fun, but, it was worth it. Why recalling the journey for a plate of meal over 30 years ago? You may ask! Hunger for food was the ‘Driver’,Yes, driven by the quest for food, a mile trek was no pain.
Sadly, today most of our youth are so comfortable that, they don’t crave for anything new, they don’t trek for anything! oh! did you just say ‘ you can’t trek for a plate of meal? fine, trek the miles for that thing you are hungry for, you’ve got to be hungry for something, the ‘hunger’ to explore new ideas , the hunger to aspire for something truly great! the hunger to invent a new technology.
Because most of us are so filled, we have remained stagnant over the years, only flowing river produces fresh water for drinking, stagnant stream doesn’t. I know you might be frowning at me for been so blunt with the truth, but hold your fire! Let me give you a gist.
I had a chat recently with a doctor in the hospital were my son recently went through a procedure ‘Expository Laparotomy’, a major surgery carried out to clean up the abdomen from a ruptured Appendix.
Me: Doctor, why is appendicitis so common with kids now, it wasn’t so in the past, what is causing the frequency in kids now?.
Doctor: “no one can say exactly what is causing the frequency, there are somethings that have defied medical or scientific explanation”.
His reply to my question threw me into a deep thought, then I remembered our great researchers cum philosophers of old, Aristotle,Plato,Socrates, Pythagoras, Descartes. Anaximander, Thales and the rest.

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These men were hungry for knowledge, they stayed foolish, always looking for answers, they will never go to rest till they know, and because they stayed foolish,they acquired a lot of wisdom in their quest for *KNOWLEDGE!* but today, we have young doctors who are just ok with what the book says, they have not moved beyond the text books, they forgot that, when the book was first written , there was no ‘Mobile Phone’ and mobile phones have introduced new hazard not captured in the book, they are not hungry to find out what has changed in the environment. They are comfortable with theory’s of old, mundane laws, mundane policies and procedures. Our engineers, Scientist, Professors are not hungry to know what has changed, why the change and how it changed. Perhaps, this explains why our laws are outdated such that, the stool of the ‘Presidency’ the number 1 Citizen in Nigeria needs just a WAEC certificate while to be employed in an Organisation that will pay you just 45k (forty five thousand Naira) in a month needs a lot more than first degree.
The only way to truly become successful is to ‘stay hungry, stay foolish’ no wonder, late STEVE Jobs, the CEO and founder of the Apples Incorporated (manufacturers of iPhones, iPads and the Mac computers) in a ‘commencement lecture’ at the Stanford University told the Students in his closing remark ‘stay hungry,stay foolish’.
There are so many questions begging for answers around you, an entrepreneur makes money providing these answers . Arise o youth of our fatherland! let the hunger for success be your driver. Even in crude oil production, a filled vessel has no business in getting more products only empty vessels gets more product, starve yourself in hunger for knowledge if you must win. As I lay my fingers to rest this morning I join STEVE Jobs of blessed memory to say *”STAY HUNGRY STAY FOOLISH”.* Pb Plus OilLngas Learning-hub
#Originals!  George Basara.

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