Archimedes’ Life Principle

Sen. Paulker Emmanuel was then my class teacher in the junior secondary three at Bishop Dimeari Grammar School (BDGS) Yenagoa, then he never wore the ‘resource control cap’, or sponsor bills, he was just that simple science teacher. He began his lecture of the day by stating ‘Archimedes Principle on the black board;

 “When an object is wholly or partially immersed in a fluid, it experiences a lost in weight which is equal to the weight of fluid displaced”

Image result for falling into a well Image result for falling into a well


         Archimedes’ life Principle


Then, he continued by explaining with an illustration of how a bucket of water drawn from a well seems very light when bucket is still immersed in the water and gets heavier as it leaves the water. The same principle is used in the design of some Pneumatic instruments in the field of automation.

This article is not about automation, it’s not even about my classroom teacher and the number of bills he sponsored while in the senate, we may have that discussion some other day. This discuss beams on the relevance of this principle in our everyday life. Do you know how many people have drowned in Water Wells? do you know how many people have lost their buckets in water wells? Do you care about the reasons for such mishaps?

The reason is because they couldn’t overcome the real weight of their buckets, the reason is because they didn’t understand that their buckets will suddenly become heavy when it leaves the water, as they end up been pulled into the well by the weight of the bucket or they leave the bucket inside well. This principle forewarned that our buckets will get heavy as it leaves the water, it will not forever remain light. Realizing ahead of time that things may change is the first step to stand the challenges in life.

Is your bucket so light at the moment? Are things going so well with you? Great, everyone likes it that way! but, have a firm grip on the rope, the weight may change, don’t be taking unaware! Invest now that you have the opportunity, sponsor yourself in training, plant a seed, save for retirement. Someday, when you feel the true weight of your bucket, you will have the courage and strength needed to pull it out of the well. Archimedes Principle is so true, everything looks light when the bucket is still in the water, be ready when you have to lift it out cause the weight can pull you in! A stitch in time saves nine!

#Originals     George Basara



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In the early hours of this morning 2nd Dec 2018, my attention was drawn to the display on my television screen, the WBC heavy weight tittle boxing match between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder has just ended at the staples center in Los Angeles, the result is being collated by the judges. Spectators are chanting victory songs, you can feel the excitement on their faces, though the result of the 12 round match is yet to be announced. It wasn’t really a difficult task assuming Tyson Fury is the winner, I could feel the energy borne in him as he paraded himself  to and fro the ring as though he is the champion, moving from one corner of the ring to another with his hands raised high above his shoulders.

Moments later, a review of the match highlight was then displayed in slow motion graphics, interestingly, the highlight showed the opposite, as I saw Tyson Fury sent to the ground in two different occasions in the 9th and 12th rounds of the match with some heavy Punches from Wilder. In one of such occasions, the referee counted to nine before Fury could pick himself up from the ground. I could see Wilder’s spouse from the audience cheering the husband to victory.

Truth be told, after watching the highlights, I changed my thought and said to myself, Wilder must be the winner of this match, I was in a dilemma, a confused ‘feat’. Seeing Fury’ furious jubilation and buying the crowd over, I became so tensed with suspense waiting for the result. And when finally, the result was announced, the match was declared a ‘draw’.

Even at that, the post-match analysis saw Fury talking in high key! He never stopped parading himself in the ring as a winner, it looked as though he was declared the winner, this was a man who fell twice in the match, dazed with supersonic blows from Wilder. Then, I said to myself, FALLING IS TRULY NOT GAME-OVER.

I was forced to check up his bio’s! and guess what I found?

‘Tyson Fury was born three months premature weighing only a pound at birth.’

‘His ordeals with drugs and alcohol has also stripped him of his titles in the past’.

In all the falls in the ring,Tyson Fury stood up, with all the falls with drugs and the sanctions faced, he stood up and dust himself, being born premature wasn’t enough to hold him to the ground, he might have weighed a pound at birth, but he now weighs far above a hundred and fifty pounds.

I know some folk may say ‘I don’t like boxing, I’m not a boxing fan’. But I say to you, hear me now, “life is a boxing ring”. You throw punches and you receive punches, some heavy, some light, when you get hit, stand up and dust yourself. It doesn’t matter how often you get hit in the match, but remember, the Ref is counting, you need to get up! Punches will come cladded in variety of formats, some may knock you down, but do NOT forget to stand up.

At the post match interview, Wilder said to the press “I don’t know how he got up, I thought I have won, i knocked him down, I saw him on the ground”. That’s life, I must tell you, some may have seen you on the ground few minutes ago, some may have seen you hours ago, even years ago, don’t let them see you there today. Falling is truly not game-over!

Show some resilience! If I haven’t learned anything from this Match, I have learned the character and will to parade myself a winner even when I fall. Tyson Fury did, and I was inspired. Falling indeed is not game-over!

#Originals.       George Basara.

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