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Job description

To operate the LACT Unit to ensure accurate hydrocarbon delivery into third party manifold, safely and within agreed specification/manages the daily operability of the LACT.

·     To operate, maintain and carrying out daily checks on all the equipment on the LACT UNIT and prover Loop at specified intervals as may be determined oy the company SOP
·     Hourly tracking and documentation of the Installed custody transfer meters, inline auto sampler. line pressures and other instruments on the LACT UNIT in other to ensure they are performing; at their optimal level.
·     Ensure Bi-hourly manual sampling and analysis of the pipeline crude oil sampfes and liaise with designated parties during control sample catching and storage
·     Catching of daily sample from the Auto sampler for analysis and resetting the auto sampler for a new day run
·     Preparation & computation of daily production report and transmitting them along with the computer printout from the control unit to designated parties.
·     Responding and troubleshooting alarm signals from the control units and rectifying abnormal conditions


Job description

Provide technical service related to the operation and control systems associated with the group assets to ensure production and sales/shipment of hydrocarbon.

- Operation and control of vessel/separator process variables
- Monitor, record and validate process/ sales data for the purpose of proper hydrocarbon accounting
- Barton flow recorder charting and gas calculation, the operation of senior Daniel Orifice System and flow meters
- Monitoring of LACT Unit operation and process parameters
- Fiscalize daily condensate/crude oil production
- Monitor injection/shipment of condensate/crude oil
- To carry out quality control of produced hydrocarbon (gas and oil) to ensure conformity with required regulatory standard
- Value protection of the group assets

- 14/14 work rotation
- Delta State

Key Skills, Experience, and Qualification:

- Degree or HND in Process/Petroleum/Chemical/Petrochemical/ Mechanical/Electrical and Control Engineering
- Minimum of 5yrs experience in oil and gas production, with demonstrated knowledge of process control and fluid flow properties
- Effective communication
- Proficient in data analysis
- Computer skills very essential
- Teamwork capabilities

You can reach me via email for the full Job Description.

If you meet the criteria above, kindly send your CV to me on or before Monday, Feb 14, 2022 via

O&M Supervisor (Pipeline)Expired

                   Job description

  • Responsible for the day-to-day safe, efficient, and economical operation and general maintenance of the pipeline right of way, pipelines, and pipeline station equipment and facilities.

    ·     Lead and direct LACT operations/maintenance technicians by scheduling of assignments, monitoring progress, providing direction, guidance and coaching. Ensuring delivered assignments are completed safely, timely, and correctly.
    ·     Oversee pipeline integrity management system including chemical programs and overpressure protection is adequate.
    ·     Oversee pipeline predictive maintenance including scheduling of pigging activities.
    ·     Oversee class locations for all pipelines and actively work encroachment issues.
    ·     Oversee leak detection for pipeline systems.

    3. Right of Way Surveillance Coordinator:

    To provide technical supervisory services to support both pipeline integrity and security.

    ·     Conduct Damage Prevention activities including pipeline patrols, one-calls, locating and marking pipelines, and inspecting line crossings, excavations, and other activities affecting the pipelines, appurtenances, etc. 
    ·     Coordinate local anti-vandalization/Damage Prevention activities.
A female Secretary

               Job description

1. Organize/schedule training for the company

2. Manages Trainees data base and keep record of events/seminars

3. Notifies trainees of upcoming training, creating adverts and publicity for training

4. Reviews training manuals for errors and ensure corrections

5. Maintain our social media handles etc.

Send cv with a full photograph to


Software Engineer  (Bengaluru)

               Job description

Design and implement solutions on, Salesforce Marketing cloud
- Understand the requirement of a functional specification or user story, ensure it’s completeness for the next steps
- Document technical solution design
- Run a quality assessment of a counterparts’ code
- Advises internally on solving functional and technical problems regarding the assigned applications
- Adhere to the release and Change process

Global Reporting Analyst 



Job description

SPIE OIL & GAS SERVICES NIGERIA is looking for Mechanical Trainer / Assessor to join her team of work force here in Nigeria.

  • Deliver (Discipline) training to awarding body standards enabling a common high level of competence of apprentices, technicians, supervisors, specialists, and graduate engineers.
  • Responsible for the implementation and compliance of the (Discipline) Engineering and maintenance team competence assurance system across the SPIE business in all assets.
  • He ensures that all activities are carried out in strict accordance with the Company's current safety rules and operating procedures and in accordance with standard industry practice.
 Permit To Work Coodinator


                    Job description
  • Organizes on site the maintenance operations which are placed under his responsibility,
  • Assists the Planning Engineer with the resourcing and suitable planning input to ensure a quality preparation and execution of all Maintenance works.
  • With his teams, he assists specialists working under Specific Maintenance Contracts (SMC),