This 1 week intensive short course will enhance the trainees knowledge in the Oil Production Operation Process. Upon completion of this course the trainee will able to:

  1. Understand the operation of the Christmas tree, be able to identify major components of the tree and their function
  2. Carry simple bean change out operation,
  3. Carry out sampling of wells
  4. Perform step by step process of opening up a well for production,
  5. Be able to switch wells at the manifold
  6. Carry out well testing
  7. Startup and shortdown a flowstation
  8. Initiate and Emergency shutdown ESD, Operational shutdown OSD
  9. Change out of Orifice Plate using the Daniel Orifice Fitting DOF
  10. Control level in the surge vessel
  11. stabilize a station
  12. Interpret PFD’S and P&ID’s 
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