Do we still have proud Teachers?

When I was growing up ‘Teachers’ used to be the best in their classes, at that tender age, i use to admire the body of knowledge and the elegance in my teachers, but today the best in class never wants to be called a teacher, they want to be engineers, doctors and lawyers, even their fathers who were proud teachers, will swear curse words on you if you call their children teachers!

Today Teachers in Nigeria are now those who cannot afford jamb cut off marks in their chosen field of study, teachers are now those who cannot cope with school fees of regular universities, teachers are those struggling with carry over courses from the very first day in school to the day of graduation! What a shame!

Where are those days when teachers were first class products? I’m yet to see a job advert seeking for teachers with first class or distinction but yet in every other field you see such criteria for job acceptance.

I’m yet to see a proffesor grooming his child to become a teacher! What a shame, society now see basic education teachers as the less privellege ones. What a misnomer! Didnt they say if the foundation is poor, the building will colapse? Or is it different with educational foundations?

More pitiful is the salary some of these so called private schools pay their teachers, do you know some heartless Proprietors/proprietress pay a Master degree holder 15k(fifteen thousand naira) per month, and even at that sometimes delay payment?.

Whatever we do today, let us not forget that we are who, what and where we are because some very good teachers dedicated themselves to teach us. Some of us went to government primary and secondary schools, schools without computers and ‘google’ for research works, but we never forget our teachers!

Lets together make the teaching profession proud again. Teaching is NOT for ‘failures’, it is for the ‘best in class’ because you can’t teach what you don’t know, if we don’t corb the menace of relegating teaching work to the poor and less privellaged, then someday our Professors will be a mockery of education!
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Originals George Basara

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Do we still have proud Teachers?
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