• Basic Operator Responsibilities


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Description: Modern industrial facilities include complex groups of systems serving a multitude of functions. These systems, which consist of equipment, piping runs, and electrical cables, all work together to process raw materials into final products that can be supplied to customers. Many groups of people are involved in the operation of an industrial facility. This course focuses on the basic responsibilities of the people who operate process systems.

Duration: 2 hours



  • The Operator’s Role
    • Controlling a Production Process, Safe Operation of a Facility, and Fire and Accident Prevention.
  • General Outside Operator Responsibilities
    • Shift Shift turnovers, Tours and inspections and Routine Operations
  • Maintaining Plant Equipment
    • Work orders, Preparing for maintenance and Performing maintenance
  • General Control Room Operator Responsibilities
    • Basic responsibilities
    • Preparing for changes in weather
  • Trends
    • Detecting and Analyzing Trends
  • Abnormal and Emergency Situations
    • Emergency Operating Procedures and Safety Precautions
    • Fire emergencies and Electric power outages
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