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O&M e-Learning is a comprehensive learning resource devoted to Fundamentals, Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE), Maintenance, and Operations from IHRDC. The e-Learning courses provide Oil & Gas organizations the resources to develop and cross train their operators and technicians to better prepare them for today’s advanced oilfield. The courses follow strict instructional design protocols that ensure employees understand the relevant theories, plant processes, equipment, and component operations that are necessary to drive efficiencies, promote safety and achieve operational excellence.

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Send an email stating the exact course and its code, the course code is in bracket eg. Communication in Process Operations (IHRDC_OM_AOOCO) the code is highlighted in red, to basara.george@gmail.com or basara.george@pbplusoilandgas.com. an invoice including our official bankin details will be sent to you within the hour. Make payment and communicate with us (08152043309). You will be issued your login details (USERNAME and PASSWORD).. Your certificate will pop up on your screen upon satisfactorily completing the test questions, you have a period of one year to access the course at will, so you will learn at your pace. Goodluck! as you take this bold step of self-development to broaden your horizon.

14. Turbines and Steam Systems
Bearings and Operation (IHRDC_OM_AOTBO)
Boiler and Turbine Protection (IHRDC_OM_AOPPB)
Steam Flow and Steam Turbines (IHRDC_OM_AOTSF)
Steam Systems (IHRDC_OM_AOPPS)
Steam Traps (IHRDC_OM_AMPST)

15. Other Systems and Equipment
Auxiliary Vessels (IHRDC_OM_OTAXV)
Filtration and Screening Unit Operations (IHRDC_OM_RCFSU)
Flaring, Venting, and Purging (IHRDC_OM_OTFVP)
Fundamentals of Process Solubility (IHRDC_OM_OTFPS)
Material Handling of Bulk Liquids (IHRDC_OM_OTMHB)
Portable and Emergency Equipment (IHRDC_OM_OTPE)

16. Networks
Fiber Optic Systems (IHRDC_OM_ACNFO )
Introduction to Control and Data Systems (IHRDC_OM_ACCIC)
Introduction to Networks (IHRDC_OM_ACNIN )
Setting Up and Troubleshooting Networks (IHRDC_OM_ACNST )

17. Process Control
Automatic Process Control 1 (IHRDC_OM_AOIA1)
Automatic Process Control 2 (IHRDC_OM_AOIA2)
Multiple Loop Control (IHRDC_OM_ACPML)
Principles of Process Control (IHRDC_OM_ACPCR)
Single Loop Control (IHRDC_OM_ACPSL)
Troubleshooting Loops (IHRDC_OM_ACPTS)
Tuning Loops (IHRDC_OM_ACPTL)

18. Programmable Logic Controllers
Architecture, Types, and Networks of PLCs (IHRDC_OM_ACLAT)
I/O Communication (IHRDC_OM_ACLIO)
Installing and Maintaining PLCs (IHRDC_OM_ACLIM)
Introduction to Digital Logic (IHRDC_OM_ACPTPL)
Introduction to Programming (IHRDC_OM_ACLIP)
Ladder Logic and Symbology (IHRDC_OM_ACLLL)
Program Entry, Testing, and Modification (IHRDC_OM_ACLPE)
Programming Common Functions (IHRDC_OM_ACLCF)
Troubleshooting Hardware (IHRDC_OM_ACLTH)
Troubleshooting Software and Networks (IHRDC_OM_ACLSN)

19. Variable Speed Drives
Applications of VSDs (IHRDC_OM_ACVDA)
Introduction to VSDs (IHRDC_OM_ACVSD)
Programming Controllers (IHRDC_OM_ACVPC)
System Troubleshooting of VSDs (IHRDC_OM_ACVST)
Systems and Integration of VSDs (IHRDC_OM_ACVSI)
Troubleshooting VSD Controllers (IHRDC_OM_ACVCT)


20. Power Plant Operation
Basic Principles of Power Plant Operations (IHRDC_OM_AOOBP)                Refining Process Technologies
Alkylation Operations (IHRDC_OM_ROHFA)
Azeotropic, Extractive, and Vacuum Columns (IHRDC_OM_RCAEV)
Blending Operations (IHRDC_OM_ROBLO)
Crude Distillation Operations (IHRDC_OM_ROCDO)
Fluid Catalytic Cracking Operations (IHRDC_OM_ROFCC)
Hydrotreating and Catalytic Reforming 1 (IHRDC_OM_ROCRO)
Hydrotreating and Catalytic Reforming 2 (IHRDC_OM_ROSRO)
Process Reactor Fundamentals (IHRDC_OM_RCPRF)
Treating and Sulfur Recovery Operations (IHRDC_OM_ROTRO)
Typical Process Reactions, Part 1 (IHRDC_OM_RCTPR1)
Typical Process Reactions, Part 2 (IHRDC_OM_RCTPR2)

21. Laboratory Operations
Basic Lab Operations (IHRDC_OM_LTBAL)
Laboratory Glassware (IHRDC_OM_LTGLA)
Laboratory Hardware (IHRDC_OM_LTHAR)
Laboratory Robotics (IHRDC_OM_LTROB)
QA/QC in the Laboratory (IHRDC_OM_LTQCA)
Sample Preparation (IHRDC_OM_LTSAM)
Separation and Isolation of Materials (IHRDC_OM_LTSEI)
Weighing and Measuring Techniques (IHRDC_OM_LTWEM)

22. Analytical Chemistry Operations
Analytical Procedures (IHRDC_OM_LTANP)
Atomic Absorption (IHRDC_OM_LTATA)
Gas Chromatography (IHRDC_OM_LTGAS)
High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (IHRDC_OM_LTHIP)
Infra-Red Analysis (IHRDC_OM_LTINA)
Ion Concentration Analysis (IHRDC_OM_LTIOC)
Mass Spectrometry (IHRDC_OM_LTMAS)
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (IHRDC_OM_LTNUM)
Optical Analysis (IHRDC_OM_LTOPA)
UV Visible Spectroscopy (IHRDC_OM_LTUVV)

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23. Instrumentation & Control

Actuator, Valve, and Motor Controllers
Introduction to Actuators (IHRDC_OM_AOVIA)
Electric and Hydraulic Actuators (IHRDC_OM_AOVEH)
Basic Functions of AC Motor Controllers (IHRDC_OM_AEEA1)
Motor Controllers and Operation (IHRDC_OM_AOEMC)
Motor Operators (IHRDC_OM_AMPMO)
Pneumatic Control (IHRDC_OM_ACPPC )
Principles of Controllers (IHRDC_OM_ACCCO)
Smart Controllers (IHRDC_OM_ACPSC)
Troubleshooting of AC Motor Controllers (IHRDC_OM_AEEA2)

24. Distributed Control Systems
Introduction to Distributed Control Systems (IHRDC_OM_ACPID)
Troubleshooting DCS I/Os: Practices (IHRDC_OM_ACPTP)
Troubleshooting DCS I/Os: Procedures (IHRDC_OM_ACPTD)

25. Field Device Configuration
Field Devices: Analog Configuration (IHRDC_OM_ACPCA)
Field Devices: Configuring with a Laptop PC (IHRDC_OM_ACPCL)
Field Devices: Digital Configuration with a DCS (IHRDC_OM_ACPCD)

Human-Machine Interface and Plant Protection Systems
The Human-Machine Interface (IHRDC_OM_ACCHM)
Human-Machine Interface and Troubleshooting (IHRDC_OM_ACLMT)
Plant Protection Equipment and Integrated Systems (IHRDC_OM_AOPPI)

26. Measurement Devices
Digital and Analog Oscilloscopes (IHRDC_OM_ACCDA)
Field Devices: Analyzers (IHRDC_OM_ACPAF)
Field Devices: Level and Flow (IHRDC_OM_ACPLF)
Field Devices: Pressure, Temperature, and Weight (IHRDC_OM_ACPPT)
Field Devices: Using Field Communicators (IHRDC_OM_ACPFC)
Introduction to Vibration Analysis (IHRDC_OM_AMVAI)
Measurement of Concentration (IHRDC_OM_AOIMC)
Measurement of Density, Clarity, and Moisture (IHRDC_OM_AOIDC)
Measurement of Level and Flow (IHRDC_OM_AOIML)
Measurement of Pressure and Temperature (IHRDC_OM_AOIMP)
Principles of Calibration (IHRDC_OM_ACCCA)

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