Ecobank extends rapid transfer to all bank account holders

ECOBANK has extended the capabilities of its Rapid Transfer product enabling all bank account holders in Nigeria receive money through the service instantly from 33 African countries where Ecobank operates.

With this a bank account holder in any bank in Nigeria, who is privileged to receive transfer of funds from within Africa can now benefit from the Ecobank Rapid Transfer product.

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Rapid Transfer is an Ecobank proprietary send and receive money transfer product available in all Ecobank locations across Africa. This unique product facilitates easy transfer and access to funds across Nigeria and in all countries where Ecobank is present.

Announcing this new development in Lagos, Head Remittance, Consumer Banking, Ecobank Nigeria, Esther Obot, said this is a strategic initiative that expands the reach of the product and allows non customers of Ecobank access the enormous benefits offered by this product. According to her, this is a more convenient way we believe bank customers in Nigeria can be served better.

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2018 Senior Africa Wrestling Championships: Igali sure P/Harcourt ‘ll beat Tunis to hosting right

By Solomon Nwoke

The president of the United World Wrestling, Africa, Fouad Meskout will be in Port Harcourt on Wednesday to inspect facilities for the Senior Africa Wrestling Championships expected to hold in February next year.

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President of the Nigeria Wrestling Federation (NWF), Dr Daniel Igali said Meskout who is expected to fly into Lagos Tuesday night would move straight to Port Harcourt the next day where he will inspect the Garden City Civic Centre which has capacity of accommodating over 5000 spectators.

Dr Igali explained the itinerary of the United World Wrestling boss for Africa in Port Harcourt. On arrival, he will pay a courtesy visit to the Governor of Rivers State, Nyeche Wike and hold a parley with only officials and stakeholders.

On July 27, Mr Meskout will pay a courtesy call on the Minister of Sports, Barr Solomon Dalung and the NOC President,  Engr Habu Gumel in Abuja .

The NWF president is optimistic that Nigeria would get the hosting rights considering the fact that Nigeria has large passionate wrestling fans and has not hosted the event since its inception.

“Port Harcourt is a nice city with passionate wrestling governor and fans would serve a good host city. If the facilities meet the required hosting standards, Nigeria will be given the hosting rights to the Senior  Africa Wrestling Championships for the first time in our history. I have assurance that the bid will be supported by the governor and the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The city has enough good hotels that will accommodate contingents from the 42 member countries. I want to use this medium to thank the Governor of Rivers State, Nyeche Wike and the Minister of Sports, Solomon Dalung for their support and at the same time call on corporate bodies to key in to support this bid.

“Tunis is the other city bidding. Tunisia have the facilities and have hosted the championship a couple of times, but I am sure of our getting the right to host the event because the president of the wrestling federation wants to propagate the sport in all African countries”, Dr Igali said.

The last edition of the championships was hosted in Marrakesh, Morocco, 26-29 April, 2017. Team Nigeria won eight gold and three silver medals.

Through Mercy  Genesis (48kg) gold, Odunayo Adekuoroye (55kg) gold, Aminat Adeniyi (58kg) gold, Blessing Oborodudu (63kg) gold, Kemeasuodei Dressman (69kg) gold, Gofit Winnie (75kg)gold, Bose Samuel 53kg silver, Bisola Makanjuola (60kg) silver.

While in the freestyle, Soso Tamarau (97kg)won gold and Ogbonna Emmanuel John (76kg) also won gold.

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Disco dancing in Senate and lurking danger

By Owei Lakemfa

SENATOR Demola Adeleke, the newest Senator in the hallow chambers seems to have been dancing non-stop since his victory at the polls . Elected to finish the term of his late brother, Senator Isiaka Adeleke, I have watched various videos of the new Senator dancing and ‘changing his footsteps’ especially when dancing in his home town, Ede.  Given his bulky frame, his gyrations and phallic gestures, he can win an international dance competition. He also displayed a lot of charisma shelling out dollars to a musician in an obviously earlier dance abroad. The lyrics of the various songs suggest he is conquering his enemies and  was born, not to work, but to  spend money. This may be true as he might have been born into wealth. His father, Comrade R.A. Adeleke, a trade unionist of the defunct Nigeria Workers Council NWC, was a Senator of the Second Republic.

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His electoral  campaigns and message seem to have been drowned  in the songs and crushed in his  dance. To me, there is nothing wrong with a Distinguished Senator with songs in the head and nimble feet on the ground.  He would be a great complement to my friend, Senator Dino Melaye whose remix of the traditional Yoruba song ‘Aje kun ya” should win him the African Song of the Year. But we have had enough entertainment; the drama has to come to an end and the focus shifted to serious legislative  duties.

About the same time, my attention was drawn to another song, ‘Egbema My Home’ by Barrister Smooth in which he lamented the neglect of an ancient kingdom with its  towns.  His video of the oil-rich  kingdom showed  flooded  towns with thatch roofs and the people living the same way their ancestors lived centuries ago. He sang that the people have  no clean  drinking water, no roads, no hospitals, no schools, no electricity  and certainly, no university. He claimed that the Kingdom has been so abandoned that it has not produced a Local Government Chairman, State House of Assembly Member, Member of the House of Representatives, a Senator, and definitely, no  Governor.

For some, this is why they are insisting on the restructuring of the country; that Derivation should be increased. Some even call for ‘Resource Control’. I have no problem with these except I know that increased derivation will not necessarily lead to development or the transformation of areas like Egbema.   Restructuring will not take the country out of the disgraceful category of the three  countries in the world; Pakistan, Nigeria, and Afghanistan which still have polio cases. How can war torn Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya be polio-free  and we still have polio cases?

Restructuring will not necessarily address the waste of $5 billion annually on generators and will  not solve the chronic housing shortage in the country. It is unlikely to  change the  tragic reality  that 65 percent of the 74,280 public Primary and Junior Secondary schools in the country, lack electricity. Apart from the hot humidity in the classrooms, how will restructuring  give the children technology-based education especially when their homes also lack regular power supply?

The reason for my position is  based on the fact that almost all those calling for   restructuring, advocate it primarily as a form. This includes the creation of an additional state in the East to bring it at par with the five other political Regions  except the North West. Some advocate equal number of states  and local governments for all the six political Regions. Yet others talk primarily about superficial constitutional amendments. They completely neglect or reject the content of restructuring. Yet for  restructuring to be meaningful, it has to address both form and content. It has to address issues of poverty, inequality, mass unemployment, the privatisation of collective wealth and the unfair distribution of resources between the privileged few and the   majority in want.

Like Barrister Smooth emphasised,  development cannot come by individual wealth such as  one man owning an oil bloc; but by collective wealth like the  state owning oil blocs. Restructuring should mean making Chapter  Two of the constitution justiciable. This amongst other things, mean that all Nigerian children will have a right to education.

Restructuring should be vertical and horizontal; of the overfed and the  hungry; the strong and the weak. It  should be such that development  would be for both the governor and the governed; the Minister and those they minister upon. Restructuring should resolve the contradiction of deepening poverty in a country so richly blessed.

Generally if Nigerians are conscious, they will ask; what does restructure mean? Will it put food on the table, shirt on our backs, roof over the head, notebooks in classrooms and analgesics in the clinics? Make no mistake; I do not reject the idea or need to restructure the country, but it must be one that addresses basic needs and  the issue of development which is  moving the people to sustainable higher level of living by redistributing  wealth in favour of the majority.

The great 19th Century African-American abolitionist,  Harriet Tubman ‘A Woman called Moses’ was quoted to have lamented: “I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” In a similar vein, if the Nigerian masses were to be more  reflective, they will ask why those who strongly advocate separateness would for five years now, reject a Bishop of the same ethnic group on the basis of dialectical variation. If only the oppressed and disposed are conscious that they are oppressed and disposed, they would not join the chant for separation, the noise of expulsion nor the army of ethnic jingoists and religious perverts. Rather, they  will  unite  to change their circumstances.

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We need help to host national sports festival—CRS govt

The Cross River State government has cried out to the federal government to assist it with intervention funds to host the National Sports Festival which has suffered several postponements.

The Deputy Governor of the state Prof Ivara Esu made the plea when he visited the Minister of Youth and Sports Barrister Solomon Dalung in his office in Abuja at the weekend.

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Prof Esu noted that the previous state government had set up a team of consultants to market the festival which they did but that so much money had been sunk into the renovation and building of new infrastructure which are between 60% to 85% complete.

“We have been preparing for this National Sports Festival since the last one in 2012. The government before us had set up a team of consultants to raise funds for the games. I am sure that when they hear about the Festival coming alive, they will come back for re-engagement.

“So much money has already been sunk into building of infrastructure and facilities for this games. Some of the facilities are 100% complete while some are between 65 to 85% ready. We have considered various ways in which we could cut our coat according to our cloth but these infrastructure need to be completed.

“I also know the kind of money we are looking for is not in the budget of 2017. We are not passing the entire budget to the federal government. We only need help to complete the facilities and we need help with 60% of the costing we have presented to complete the project. I know that Mr President and the the Minister have contacts that we can leverage on to raise funds. We have made efforts to raise the funds but we have assessed that at no time will we be able to raise more than 40% of the funds needed. Certainly, we can’t get money even from  our federal allocation. We are number 35 out of the 36 states so if we can’t get the remaining funds, we will not be able to host this games” the Deputy governor said.

In his response, Barrister Dalung promised to discuss the issue with the President and thanked the Deputy governor for his visit which was a demonstration of the state government’s commitment to rescue the protracted hosting rights for the National Sports Festival.

“The National Sports Festival has been on the front burner and the concern of many Nigerians. At every given opportunity, there is a question about the fate of the National Sports Festival. That confirms how passionate the people are about the games. It is sad that for a long time we have not been able to host the games.

” I quite agree with the challenges especially economic challenges confronting the nation but let us not lose touch of the fact that sports is our national heritage and passion and a service oriented item. Therefore, we must do our best to mobilize funds and give our people those things they yearn for.”

The Minister recalled that the National Youth Games was held in Ilorin after a long time.

“We did that not because we had sufficient budgetary allocation . We had only N9m allocated for the games but we had to think outside the box and engage the private sector and sponsors to raise enough funds for the games. So, I think Cross River state needs to put up a structure of consultants to market the games and I assure you that it will pay off.

It is not a matter of setting up committees but getting the right people who will mobilize the right investment. If you insist on using a committee made up of just people from the state’s sporting architecture, you will achieve nothing. The state government may not have money but there are many Nigerians who are ready to give the state funds needed to host the festival if they are sure that the investment will be deployed judiciously.

I know of states who are hosting international competitions so I know people will also want to invest in national competitions which have direct benefits on Nigerian youths.”

The Minister also promised to assist the state seek the intervention needed to host the games.

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Obaseki orders arrest of teachers allegedly involved in exam malpractice

By Simon Ebegbulem

BENIN—GOVERNOR Godwin Obaseki of Edo State, weekend, ordered the arrest of some school teachers allegedly involved in  manipulation in the First School Leaving Certificate Examination, vowing to ensure that basic education in the state was strengthened.

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Governor of Edo State, Mr Godwin Obaseki

He stated this when he paid an unscheduled visit to some the examination centres in Benin City.

Some of the centres visited include Ebenezer Primary Schools, Ivbyenova Primary School, St Saviour, George Idah Primary School and Ologbosere Primary School, Ologbosere Primary School in Ikpoba Okha Local Government Area of the state.

Obaseki, who was accompanied on the visit by the Head of Service of the state, Mrs Gladys Idahon, the Chief of Staff, Taiwo Akerele, Special Adviser on Basic Education, Joan Oviawe and others, said: “We decided that we will have the exams for Primary 6 pupils today. As a policy,  we decided that this examination will be organised in a better and more professional manner.”

On the arrested teachers, the governor said, “They will face the law. We want to assure parents that this government is determined to improve quality basic education. We are determined to make sure that our children at the basic level are given the best education.”

“They will face the law. We want to assure parents that this government is determined to improve quality basic education. We are determined to make sure that we provide our children the education at the basic level that they need to see them through life. that they need to see them through life. You have private schools and you have public schools being tested. You saw the situation we had where teachers in primary schools tried to influence the exams so they can claim that children from their schools do better than the ones in public schools in this a standard exam.

“It also gave us an insight into the level of preparations our children are given to write exams, the level of confidence they have and I quite satisfied with what we have seen today. I am also bothered about the corruption in our exam process. You could see that parents were kept out. In one of the schools,  there was almost a riot because the parents wanted to go a school, particularly those from the private school, who may have paid for their children to do well, they wanted access to the schools to be able to influence the exams but they were stopped.

“But I am happy that our officers have done well to ensure that the standard we required and the standard we want to set are met.”

On the arrested teachers, the governor said, “They will face the law. We want to assure parents that this government is determined to improve quality basic education. We are determined to make sure that we provide our children the education at the basic level that they need to see them through life.

“It is going to be rigorous and tough. We believe that if we get the basic education right, everything else will follow. The challenge we have today in our country is that for some unfortunate incidents in the past, we just could not hold any body responsible for basic education because of the way it is structured. Under UBE,  it is distributed between local government, state and Federal Government and that caused a bit of dislocation. As a state,  we have decided to take the bull by the horns, ensure that we take charge, we have a proper basic school administration system so that we can track the progress of every child from primary 1 through to JSS 3,” he stated.

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Display honesty, integrity, Ugwuanyi tells new traffic cadets

Enugu —Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State has charged the newly recruited 200 Traffic Enforcement Bureau Cadets and their supervisors to discharge their duties with due diligence, honesty, integrity and utmost respect for the rule of law and the rights of residents of the state.

The governor also appealed to residents of the state to cooperate with the new Enforcement Cadets to ensure the success of the programme by obeying traffic laws, rules and regulations as well as respect for the officers saddled with the responsibility of the enforcement.

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Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State

Gov. Ugwuanyi, who was represented by his deputy, Mrs. Cecilia Ezeilo, spoke during the passing out parade of the cadets at the Michael Okpara Square, Enugu.

The governor said the repositioning of the bureau became imperative shortly upon the inception of his administration, in view of “the glaring need for a reorganisation and standardisation of the system of traffic enforcement in the state in line with extant laws.”

He added that the streamlined programme was also accentuated by persistent complaints and protests from members of the public over the activities of some people purporting to be working as traffic wardens cum revenue collectors for the state Ministry of Transport, Enugu Capital Territory Development Authority as well as some local government councils in the state.

The governor explained that the state Ministry of Transport was consequently directed to reorganise the State Traffic Enforcement System in concert with some other government ministries and agencies, disclosing that “a major component of this reorganisation was the reconstitution of a properly organised State Traffic Enforcement Bureau to be manned by well-trained personnel to handle the enforcement of traffic and related matters in Enugu State.”

Earlier in his welcome address, state Commissioner for Transport, Vitus Okechi, commended Gov. Ugwuanyi for his efforts towards the actualisation of his four-point agenda to entrench good governance, enhance rural development, provide infrastructure and empower the youths, stating that his administration has done a lot in the transport sector.

Hon. Okechi charged the new cadets to go out and discharge their duties diligently with the fear of God and called on the public to cooperate with the officers and “desist from giving any form of cash or bride to any officer when an offence is committed”.

In his remark, the Commissioner of Police, described the exercise as another important event aimed at enhancing the security of the state as well as ensuring free flow of traffic on the roads.

He advised the new Cadets and their Supervisors to handover offenders to the police for prosecution and avoid any form of corrupt practice in the discharge of their duties.

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Flood sacks homes, churches in Rivers

By Jimitota Onoyume &  Davies Iheamnachor

PORT HAR- COURT— RESIDENTS have been sacked from their houses by flood in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, following weekend’s downpour.

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In Rumuolumeni community, in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of the state, there was panic, following the flood that submerged over 100 homes and four churches in the area.

Flooding in Port Harcourt after heavy rainfall

The downpour which lasted two days in the state also took over Afam Road, some parts of Trans Amadi Road,  which is under construction. Several other parts of the state capital were also flooded.

At press time, the state office of the Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC, has also been taken over by the flood waters with some vehicles parked in the premises submerged.

Residents of Rumuuokalogbo area of Port Harcourt, at press time, were battling with the flood in the area, as property worth millions of naira were destroyed as a result the down pour on Saturday and yesterday.

Vanguard learned that church services could not hold at several worship centres in the area yesterday, due to the flood compounded by a blocked canal in the area.

Meanwhile, Governor Nyesom Wike, who went round Port Harcourt yesterday, sympathised with families displaced by the flood, promising that his government will take hard decisions to address the flood problem.

At press time, it was still raining heavily. Mr. Inyesoemi Benibo, whose home was flooded,  noted that several property belonging to churches and residents in the area were destroyed in the flood.

He blamed the flood on failure of the company that handled the Rumuolumeni-Iwofe Road project to properly channel water into the canal.

Benibo expressed worries that residents of the area had approached the company and complained that the drainage was not properly handled, noting that a blockade of the drainage which obstructed the free flow of water led to the flooding.

He said: “We have been rendered homeless by the flood. My families slept inside a church far from this place while I slept inside my car. Even one of my neighbours has not been seen since last night when we saw him parking his property and at that time his family moved to another place. Nobody knows what has happened to him.

“The company is responsible for all this suffering.  I remember we called them when they were constructing Iwofe Road which even attracted the attention of Governor Wike who even ordered them to canalize that area properly, but they did not listen. Now, the canal has been blocked and the water is not flowing.”

Also, a cleric in the area, Pastor Namso Udoh, said that since the construction of the Rumuolumeni-Iwofe Road, the area has always been experiencing flooding.

He called on the state government to intervene and save the residents of Rumuolumeni from losing all they have laboured for.

Flooding in Port Harcourt after Heavy Rainfall by

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Delsu honours 100-yr-old Ohworode, Asagba of Asaba

By Akpokona Omafuaire

WARRI—Delta State governor, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, has urged graduates of Delta State University, Abraka, to pursue excellence everywhere they go, just as he promised to establish 20 graduates of agriculture in entrepreneurship in tandem with his SMART agenda.

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The governor made the call yesterday during the 25th anniversary of the school and its 11th convocation, as he promised to continue to support the institution to achieve excellence.

Prof. Victor Peretomode, Vice Chancellor of the institution, in his address,  thanked the governor for supporting the university as he called on the alumni of the school to contribute in its infrastructural development.

Highpoint of the ceremony was the conferment of Doctor of Philosophy, Honoris Clausa on HRM, Ovie R.L. Ogbon, Ogoni-Oghoro I, the Ohworode of Olomu Kingdom, HRM, the Asagba of Asaba and Prof. Bruce Onobrakpeya.

The centenarian Olomu king, shortly after the conferment of the award instituted a life time endowment fund of N5 milliion for the best graduating students in Urhobo Language and Education.

The Ohworode thanks the University for considering him worthy of the award and promised to continue to support them.

Prince Godwin Ogbon, Head of the Ohworode Royal family congratulated the Ohworode and thanked the state government and the University for the honour done to Ohworode.

HRM AVM. Ochuko Ararile, Avwaeke I, the Ovie of Umiagwa-Abraka meanwhile, hosted the Ohworode of Olomu and all the kings at his palace.

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Saraki, Oyegun, Lalong and Attah others congratulate NDDC boss, preach unity

By Dennis Udoma and Emmanuel Ayungbe

UYO – Senate President, Senator Bukola Saraki, National Chairman of All Progressives People’s Congress, APC, Chief John Oyegun, Governor of Plateau State, Simon Lalong and former Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Obong Victor have congratulated the Managing Director of the Niger-Delta Development Commission, NDDC, Mr. Nsima Ekere and the people of the state at a thanksgiving service in his honour on Sunday saying, the unity of the country is greater than individual interest.

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Saraki, who was represented by the National Assembly Committee Chairman on NDDC, Se. Peter Nwabuche said, with the celebration of the NDDC Managing Director, Nsima Ekere by Nigerians from all walks of life today, the unity of the country has started.

Sen. Nwabuche, who said, ‘‘as you can see I belong to the PDP while Nsima Ekere is an APC. So, we are working together and we believe that is the only way we can make Nigeria better irrespective of the political or religious leaning.

‘‘Therefore, we must remain together as one and pray for one Nigeria’’.

The APC National Chairman, Chief John Oyegun, who was represented on the occasion by the former Governor of Ekiti State, Chief Segun Oni thanked the people of Akwa Ibom State for the honour done to their distinguished son and NDDC Chief Executive Officer, Ekere and family and prayed God to lead him to deliver the dividends of his commission to the expectation of Nigerians by turning the agency around for the benefit of the people.

On his part, former Governor of Akwa Ibom State and apostle of resource control, Obong Victor Attah appreciated the Church and the people of the state for honouring Mr Ekere saying that, the thanksgiving was more than obeying a Biblical injunction.

According to him, ‘‘Akwa Ibom people are so proud of him because he has not put them to shame.

‘‘Ekere has brought joy to us because he is able to restructure NDDC’’ adding that, if he can do that, there was the great possibility at another level if given the opportunity and appealed to the people of the state to call him to appreciation.

Earlier, Prelate of the Methodist Church Nigeria, His Eminence Dr Samuel Uche urged the National Assembly to increase the funding of the Niger-Delta Development Commission to enable it intervene on the development of the region.

He charged the NDDC boss to see his appointment as a service to humanity and not to accumulate wealth for only himself and family.

“The National Assembly should appropriate enough funds for the Niger Delta Development Commission so that they can service the nine states evenly,” the Prelate said.

He called on Nigerians not to vote for politicians who preach division and acrimony in 2019 noting that, “only those who deliver when they are given office will come back in 2019.

“Any Government that give us water, electricity quality health facilities we will vote for them.

“We have enough for our needs, we don’t have enough for our greed.”

He accused those wishing President Muhammadu Buhari death as wicked, adding that Nigerians should pray for the president and all leaders in government for wisdom to lead the country aright.

The NDDC Managing Director, Obong Nsima Ekere during his thanksgiving conducted at the Council premises at Ikot Abasi Local Government headquarters said that, the Grace of God had been sufficient to him and his family and urged leaders to see their office as opportunity to give back to the people.

He said that God would always think good of him irrespective of what his detractors may wish him.

According to him, “I am very grateful to God for His Grace has always been sufficient to me and my family.

“I want to encourage everyone that, irrespective of what people think about you, what is important is what God think of you, “Ekere and called Nigerians to support President Mohammadu Buhari’s led Federal Government and others in positions of authority for the growth of the country.

The event was attended by members of the National Assembly and other political stakeholders within and outside the state, representative of the Chief of Army Staff, Commissioners of Police, DSS, former Governors, Deputy Governors, top echelon from NDDC, business Executives, Traditional rulers, women and youth groups across the state amongst others.

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Lagos APC member electrocuted in flooding

Samson Folarin

A member of the All Progressives Congress, Alhaji Lateef Ajikanle, has been electrocuted in his home on Bolaji Omupo Street, Somolu.

The father of four reportedly returned home after prayers in a mosque to meet his compound flooded.


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It was gathered that the flood was worsened by the rubble of a collapsed fence owned by a poultry farmer on an adjoining street, Lisabi Street.

PUNCH Metro learnt that the Oyo State indigene waded through the flood. He was reportedly picking rubbish in the water when he was electrocuted.

A neighbour, who attempted to rescue him was also reportedly electrocuted, but escaped death by a whisker.

Officials of the Ikeja Electric, Onipanu Business District, were said to have been alerted to the incident.

After power was disconnected from the community, Lateef, who also worked with the State Universal Basic Education Board, was reportedly rushed to a general hospital where he was confirmed dead.

His younger sister, Monsuru Ajikanle, told our correspondent on Sunday that the 50-year-old was preparing to participate in the last Saturday’s local government election when tragedy struck.

She said, “He went to the mosque that day. The rain started early in the morning and everywhere was flooded. He was coming back from the mosque around 7am when he saw that the fence owned by the poultry farmer on the next street had collapsed on the pumping machine in our compound.

“Also, the flood water could not flow out and there were waste paper and other dirty materials everywhere. He started picking the rubbish from the water. He was doing that when his hand touched the live wire exposed after the fence fell on the pumping machine. He was electrocuted.

“One of our neighbours, Femi, ran into the flood to help him, but the electric current in the water forced him back. We called the Ikeja Electric to disconnect the power.”

Monsuru told our correspondent that Lateef was rushed to the General Hospital, Somolu, where he was confirmed dead.

PUNCH Metro learnt that the victim’s wife had been taken to their family house in the Surulere area.

Our correspondent was told that Lateef worked in the Supply and Finance Department of SUBEB, Somolu.

Another family member, Dele Alakija, blamed the owner of the poultry for the incident.

Alakija said, “The poultry is on Lisabi Street, and the fence that collapsed was built by the owner to separate the poultry from our compound. We had reported to the local government about a year ago that the man’s operation was making life difficult for us and he should relocate, but nothing was done.

“Alhaji (Lateef) had written a letter which we planned to submit on the menace of the poultry. When the fence fell on the pumping machine, it exposed a live wire from the machine and that was what killed him. The poultry should cease operation. The offensive stench of the birds and the noise from the generator are unbearable.”

Our correspondent learnt that the incident was reported to the police at the Somolu division.

A check on the Facebook page of the deceased showed he was indeed a staunch member of the APC as some friends paid tributes to his memories and leadership.

Among his last activities on the social media was the poster of the chairmanship candidate of the APC in Surulere.

A top source at the General Hospital, Somolu, confirmed the incident, adding that Lateef was brought in dead.

“A 50-year-old man was brought by some neighbours. They claimed that he stepped on a live cable during the heavy rain and was electrocuted. He was brought in dead,” he said.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole, said the police were not aware of the incident.

“Nothing like that at Somolu division please,” he said.

The Head, Corporate Communications, Ikeja Electric, Felix Ofulue, said the company was not to blame for the death.

He said, “The man was electrocuted by his pumping machine. His pumping machine had a wire cut which fell into a pool of water. He was raking the dirt in his house when he was electrocuted.”

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